75% of people will experience foot pain in their lives from poor-fitting footwear, working on their feet for long hours, or high-impact exercise.
Customized Orthotics

Our in-clinic, customized orthotics are designed and casted for your individual needs. This is based on your personal profile. In order to achieve this, there are multiple factors we must consider. Some of these components include things like: Are you are an active athlete? On your feet all day at work? Or, do you like wearing heels but need more support?

Functional Design in Mind

Another necessary area in evaluating your feet for an orthotic, is posture and gait. This is because every foot is different, as is the bio-mechanical motion in which each body moves. Therefore, we take into perspective every aspect of feet function when evaluating for the perfect orthotic.

Your Feet & Alignment

Then, following a comprehensive evaluation of the feet, legs, pelvis, and spine, we provide a tailored orthotic solution. This solution is designed to establish a full body correction.

Comfort and Feel

After an individualized orthotic has been created by your health professional, Kintec and your doctor work together with you to confirm that we have the right fit for you.

Quality with Every Shape and Function

Now, there are 16 different orthotic inserts that can be crafted based on your activity level. Are you a runner? We have a specific orthotic for you. Are you a skiier looking to maintain physical balance and comfort? We have another orthotic option for you. Are you in construction? Or at a desk job? We have a different, specific orthotic for you. In this way, you can just name the activity and we will customize a quality orthotic based on your needs.

One Year Free Adjustments

Additionally, Coastal Roots Health Centre and Kintec Labs offer a one year period of free adjustments for your custom orthotics! This is to ensure you get the best fit possible.