Everyone has their own personal story that can be shared. Drs. Jeff and Jennifer Gratton met and fell in love while earning their doctorates. For several years now they have pioneered Coastal Roots Health Centre, with the integration of our incredible chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, lactation consultants, and staff members.

“How lucky did we get to pull a winning ticket like this! To find true love is heaven, and to both have professions we are so passionate about that work hand-in-hand is more than we could have ever dreamed. We love Vancouver Island and are here to stay!”


Whether you are looking for a clinic with a great chiropractor, a comprehensive naturopath, an intuitive massage therapist, a healing acupuncturist, or an experienced lactation consultant, we strive to be the answer you are looking for. Coastal Roots Health Centre is comprised of two integrative health clinics located in both Victoria and Sooke. Our mission is to drive comprehensive health and wellness care for the entire family. It is for this reason that all of our healthcare practitioners work together toward optimal improvement of one’s total function, quality of life, and health potential.

We are now offering ChiropracticNaturopathic MedicineRegistered Massage TherapyPrescriptive OrthoticsLactation Consulting, and Laser Therapy services. We believe starting with Day One in an individual’s life creates the best foundational support for future health.

Our family approach is specialized in that we begin with mom and dad, prenatally, progressing to the kids on the soccer fields and ballet performances, leading to the weekday work force, and on to hiking with the eventual grandchildren. This is because of our firm belief in a preventative and holistic approach toward health. Therefore, we focus on how people move, think, eat, and rest.

At Coastal Roots Health Centre, we understand a family’s physical needs can be complex. This is why we strive to be a comprehensive health institution. Therefore, we are motivated and equipped to address each family member at the progressive stages of their active life.

Join us today in the proactive movement of improving your everyday life. We are available to serve you Monday to Saturday.