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Welcome to Coastal Roots Health Centre. We are integrative health clinics designed to allow for comprehensive health and wellness care for the entire family. All healthcare practitioners within work together toward optimal improvement of one’s total function, quality of life, and health potential. We are now offering Chiropractic, Naturopathic medicine, Registered massage therapy, Acupuncture, Prescriptive orthotics, Lactation consulting, and Doula services. We believe that starting Day One in an individual’s life allows for the best foundational support for future health.

Our family approach is specialized in that we begin with mom, prenatally, which then progresses to the kids on the soccer fields and ballet performances, leading to the weekday work force, and eventually to hiking with the grandchildren. We firmly believe in a preventative and wholistic approach toward health that focuses on how we move, think, eat, and rest.

At Coastal Roots Health Centre, we understand a family’s physical needs can be complex. That is why we strive to be a comprehensive health institution having the capability to address each family member at each stage of their active life. Join us today in the proactive movement of improving every day of your life. We are available Monday through Saturday to answer

"Giselle’s coughing much less than before and for shorter duration. What a relief! Thank you for the excellent recommendation. I can’t imagine if we hadn’t come to see you (Dr. Jennifer).'" ~Kelly O., Victoria

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Thank you for visiting our comprehensive health clinics. We look forward to serving you soon. For more information and to book your next appointment, please contact our Victoria and Sooke offices.