Supplementing Your Diet

Many people ask me, “Are supplements needed, really? And, aren’t supplements all the same?” In response, let me start off by saying this: in some cases supplements really are needed. And, no, not all supplements are created equal. So, when are supplements needed, then? The answer to this depends on your specific sex, age, medical history, and current health. Supplements are named “Supplements” for good reason–they supplement nutrition in your life. This is nutrition you are not actively attaining from your everyday diet and bodily function. It is therefore necessary to understand what your diet is, how efficiently your body is functioning, and what your current health levels are.
Hormones, vitamins, and minerals are the active stimulus for proper human function. Knowing this, we can prepare for days, weeks, months, even years ahead. Osteoporosis prevention. Weight loss. Healthy Pregnancy. A huge hockey season. Even the common ambition of continued health as we age… we can achieve all of these if we know our goals.
So, what is the difference between a good quality supplement and an ‘isle 7’ multivitamin? A lot. This is because the purpose of a supplement is to provide additional health to our body. Therefore, we’d better make sure it does just that. A brand of cereal, for instance, may advertise it “lowers cholesterol,” or  has “guaranteed whole grains.” But one must be vigilant enough to discover the quality of that statement. To this end, it is important to educate yourself in how to read and understand ingredients, manufacturing protocols, and the accurately concentrated amounts of what your specific body requires.Another important factor in choosing quality supplements is to consider “Natural versus Synthesized.” You want to make sure your body has the ability to break down and utilize the nutrition you decide to put in it. Peak performance is achieved when that nutrition is natural, as it is more easily broken down. On the other hand, synthesized products can be just as effective, but many times they may come with other unwanted side effects on the body. Also, they cannot be broken down as completely or readily.

Rest assured that the supplements we offer at Coastal Roots Health are hand-selected. This is to ensure the highest quality.