MVA and Occupational Injuries

Injuries, whether on the football pitch or in a rear-end collision, may be considered serious even when they may seem minor at first.  To be able to walk it off  is lucky, but does not mean that serious injuries have not occurred.  In most cases, shock and adrenaline take over, leaving the body feeling numbed as a protective mechanism.  As soon as a few hours later or waking the next morning,  bodily distress may begin to set in.  A work or vehicular injury may be no subtle injury.  It is vitally important to have a professional examination in order to fully explore the injuries that may have taken place.

It is not common knowledge how to proceed from such circumstances. Following are a few helpful tips in the unfortunate event that an accident does occur:

  1. Call 911, especially if anyone needs assistance.  Take a picture of the scene if a camera or cell phone is available.  Record critical details of the incident as precisely as possible.  It is important to get names, address, phone numbers, and vehicle information of anybody involved.
  2. Review your insurance policy and contact an agent within your insurance company. If there is a dispute with your insurance company, or the seemingly simple car accident suddenly turns complicated, then seeking legal counsel is your best bet.
  3. PRICE- Prevent any activity that may cause further injury. Rest the injured areas so that the tissue may heal.  Intermittent icing during the 24 to 48 hours after a soft tissue injury often helps manage pain and inflammation.  Applied ice should be used at a duration of 15 minutes every 2 hours. Compression with a wrap or elastic bandage will help reduce swelling, and elevating the injured area will prevent increased swelling and pooling of blood.
  4. See a professional ASAP to rule out any red flags.  Following an initial examination, your chiropractor, or PCP, may advocate  that an x-ray or MRI is necessary in order to properly diagnose the injury.  Your health is the most important priority!  Make sure that you abide by a strict treatment protocol in order for maximal medical improvement.

–Dr. Jeffrey Gratton, D.C.

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