Avery Savage


Avery Savage developed a passion for alternative and complementary medicine through her family’s experience with chronic health issues. With an undergrad in Commerce and an interest in holistic health, acupuncture appeared to be nothing more than a scary treatment that involved needles! That was until Yoga Teacher Training, where an acupuncturist came to give treatments. The sensation and experience were so profound that Avery signed up for the Acupuncture Program at MacEwan University immediately.

Avery’s mission is to share the remarkable experience of acupuncture with as many people as possible. Whether you are interested in trying acupuncture for the first time, curious about the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or simply want results, Avery will be there to help.

Avery uses acupuncture to help increase energy, boost the immune system, and promote general health and wellness for all ages. This includes the treatment of all types of disorders, including but not limited to, pain management, digestive health, sleep disorders, headaches, and anxiety. Furthermore, a special interest of Avery’s is the fertility and reproductive health of all genders.