Testimonials: Chiropractic

I recently gave birth to a baby boy, this being my first experience with pregnancy and postnatal care. During the last trimester of my pregnancy I became tired of dealing with constant hip and lower back pain. This prompted the sesarch for a chiropractor, preferably one experienced with prenatal chiropractic care. I met with Dr. Gratton after a friendly referral and could not be happier with his services. Dr. Gratton is knowledgeable, gentle and effective. His approach to care feels holistic with thorough assessments and client specific treatment plans. Now that I am a new mom Dr. Gratton has been able to help with a different set of challenges. I value the improvements I’ve experienced and am happily having my 3 month old son treated as well. A big thank you to Dr. Gratton (and the lovely ladies on the reception desk) for all the help and care you’ve provided over these last months.

Marina B.

I just finished my first ever visit, and I’m very happy with my experience. Dr. Jeff was gentle yet effective — and friendly. In fact, the entire staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I highly recommend checking them out.

Devra D.

Like many new moms, I inadvertently made my neck, shoulder and back problem worse from breastfeeding, carseat carrying, and using a babycarrier. On top of that, the overall exhaustion and stress of taking care of a newborn 24/7 also made it harder to recover from aches and pains after childbirth.But my now-six-months-old baby was what really pushed me to seek chiropractic care for the both of us. I began to notice my little one always turned to the right side during tummy time and while being held. I thought it was a phase, but over the next few months, my concerns grew. I was already planning to seek chiropractic care for pain relief myself, so I decided to research on if babies could have chiropractic treatments and whether it is safe for babies. My research led me to Dr. Gratton, a pediatric chiropractor (ICPA). My little one’s upper neck vertebrae was out of place and she had an adjustment. The adjustments Dr. Gratton did for my little one was very gentle, and he explained how the adjustments would be before he made any adjustments. I wasn’t expecting any results soon from the adjustments. I was just glad we both began seeking chiropractic care. But much to my surprise, after one session, my little one was looking and turning left and right the very next day! I am also very glad I sought chiropractic care myself. I knew how badly my body needed adjustments, and I felt so much better after. I only wished I had found Dr. Gratton earlier and had adjustments during my pregnancy and postpartum. Thanks to Dr. Gratton, both my little one and my life had changed for the better!

A. J.

“After years of dealing with a neck and shoulder injury from years of playing hockey, Dr. Jeff was able to rehab my injuries and I have been able to step up my game to a new level.

Rob M.