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Lorna Carrigan


My first “Doula Experiences” were in Prince Rupert in 1986 before I even knew there was such as word as Doula.


I officially started down the path to become a Doula here in Victoria in 2006, studying through Douglas College, Doula of North America (DONA International). I was lucky enough to be able to attend a number of births while still working for the BC Government as a Human Resources Team Supervisor. Having recently retired from government, being a full time Doula will be my “second act “. The most up-to-date DONA training was completed here on the island and full DONA certification will be in place in August 2015.

I  draw on my training, intuition, life experience and passion for the role of Doula to ensure my clients are well cared for by providing continuous emotional, physical, informational and non-medical support to the labouring Mom and her partner.

I offer labor and delivery support, as well as post-partum support in Victoria and the Western Communities.

On a personal note, we have three grown children and two beautiful grandchildren.