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Jazmine Pollock


Jazmine prides herself in having the opportunity to follow her passion to help others achieve improved health and optimized physical and emotional performance through her unique style of treatment. She continues to educate herself with science based learning that not only focuses on the primary root cause, but also sets her up to apply the most evolved treatment protocol in achieve long-term success.

Through proper assessment and testing, Jazmine designs a proper treatment plan to cater each individual’s specific need(s).


Her Massage Techniques Include:

Deep tissue massage

Myofascial release


Trigger point therapy

Cupping therapy

Sports massage

Outside of work, Jazmine spends most of her time training Brazilian Jiujitsu, muay thai, yoga, and outdoors sports.

Jazmine plans to continue growing her knowledge base by taking on continuing education throughout her career to enable enhancement of her treatments so that her patients may live to there healthiest potential.