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Judy Mackasey
CAT(C), B.P.E.

Athletic Therapy

Best known for returning professional and elite athletes back to their sport after an injury, Certified Athletic Therapists use the same sport medicine approach to quickly rehabilitate your injury – resulting in faster recovery, reduced chance of further injury, and fewer visits to your health care professional.

Clients can expect one-on-one attention during their visit, with an active aggressive approach to injury rehabilitation. A typical visit employs a combination of methods such as manual therapies, soft tissue mobilizations, dynamic exercise, therapeutic modalities (Electrical Modalities, Laser, Ultrasound) and detailed home programs to accelerate their progress.

Athletic Therapists can:

  • Diagnose and Treat Acute injuries: Sprains and Strains
  • Assist in your rehabilitation of a Motor Vehicle Accident with manual Therapy or Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Diagnose and Treat Chronic Repetitive injuries
  • Preparation and Maintenance Care for Sporting Events