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This is a direct communication to the palates of every Seattle foodie out there.  Dr. Jennifer and I are going to find the best recipes out there, while using the most local, freshest, incredibly succulent ingredients to make your brain sizzle.  I was not raised in a foodie environment while growing up,but after being on my own I figured I should give cooking a whirl.  Now, I’m no incredible chef t
Dr. Jennifer was raised in a 100% Italian family in northern BC, within a fishing community that many of you may have visitedo say the least, but I do have pride in every dish I prepare, whether it be on my own or among a bubbling group of our closest friends.

on your way up to beautiful Alaska, in a town named Prince Ruport.  Freshly caught salmon was prepared almost professionally by her mother, Rosanna, and eaten with excitement with every bite.  This primal excitement flows through our blood and wants to be shared with all who share the same enjoyment.

It is our goal to bring you a healthy foodie recipe book, filled with personal cooking tutorials, videos of Rosanna making her homemade pizza, to easily created homemade balsamic vinaigrettes.  We are so excited for you to join us on our journey thro

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Recipes will begin in T-minus one week.  So strap on your bibs, sharpen those 8″ chef knives of fury, and let’s have some fun!