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Low Back Pain

The two major complaints that I see every day are Low Back Pain and Neck Pain. Unfortunately, low back pain can be annoying, frustrating, and in some cases debilitating. It is my goal to give as much preventative education as possible so that low back pain sufferers can once again live enjoyable lives with limited to no pain. Here is my golden rule: The more Range of Motion a joint has, the more likely there will be no pain. So let’s work our way to that point through a few helpful implementations in our daily life.

Step 1) Strengthen your Core
Weak glutes and abdominal muscles are one of the leading causes of instability of the lumbar spine. By strengthening our core through conscious and eventually unconscious posture, your first step to recovery and prevention is in place. The simple pelvic tilt is an important exercise that may be instituted during all situation in our life. Physical exercise, proper nutrition, and conscious thought are your allies here.

Step 2) Movement
Our bodies are comprised of spinal joints, ligaments, tendons and stabilizing muscles. It is these that give us both strength and flexibility. Along with great exercises, one seen in the pelvic tilt technique, correct Low Back Stretching and proper alignment are required. Follow this low back stretch, as well as others taught in my office, to attain our golden rule: ↑ Movement = ↓ Pain. Spinal adjustments allow for proper alignment so that both sides of our body have the same muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint tension, thus ridding any weak link in our structural armor.

Step 3) Proper Mechanics
In our world today, occupation and life habits rule our posture. If you are in a chair all day, most likely you are in a slouched or leaning posture. This is causes tightening of specific muscles and weakening of others. We work hard at building our core, so let’s not forgo all our hard work. Click here for Proper Sitting Posture and Proper workplace ergonomics. It is important to take quick breaks during the day after sitting for long periods.

Don’t think I forgot about our occupations and life habits with continual activity. Lifting, bending, and turning are required movements that we use every day. But, let’s lift with our mind, not our body. When bending over to tie a shoe, lay down a brick, or water our beautiful vegetables keep the back straight and bend at the knees. This not only preserves your back from possible injuries from acute trauma or repetitive movements, but also anchors a good foundation for years to come.