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The Law of Inertia

The Law of Inertia, as derived from Sir Isaac Newton, states “any object at rest, or in motion, will resist from changing its current state.”  This is a simple law that may be applied to our everyday life.

One of my dear friends is an avid triathlete who continually loves to push herself to that next level.  If you know much about triathletes, then you may have a few preconceived thoughts that come to mind about these individuals…

  1. My goodness, how on earth do they subject themselves to such torture;
  2. Definitely need to give some respect for the dedication it takes to train and perform day in and day out;
  3. These athletes are relatively intelligent

The first two statements are commonplace, but intelligence??

It takes extensive effort and research to train and perform effectively for success.  Tenths of seconds separate you and the other opponents at the finish line, so when athletes train, they must be consider oxygen consumption through proper breathing; swimming, biking or running techniques must be broken down and refined; equipment should be state of the art; training schedules must be able to break down progress; and research done on the and up-and-coming techniques to keep you ahead of the rest of the pack .  I mean, not too many people can jump out of bed and say “I’m going to do a 3.8 km swim, 180 km ride, and a 42.2 km run today” and actually do it, forget about competing!!

About half a year ago, Kate sprained her right ankle.  She sidelined herself for more than 6 months.  This is much longer rest than what a grade 2 sprain should be.  Her training fell to the wayside, her family and friend relationships weren’t going so great, and her home business started to falter a bit as well.  We met for a full-bodied coffee at our favorite local shop and she described how she couldn’t understand what was going on.

“The Law of Inertia” I said.  She looked at me puzzled for a second.

When we allow ourselves to slow down, our bodies’ control center adapts and slows as well, but if we keep moving steadily forward, then our bodies inevitably do the same.  Kate decided to jump back to her previous mind set of being proactive.  She began training again, with more dedication than ever.  After 2 months of treatment, her injuries were recovered and our office discharged her.

I met her again a few months later.  Job was on fire, found an amazing partner, and has never performed better for her triathlons than she does now.  You know what she said to me with a funny smirk.., “Law of Inertia!”

Our bodies feed on healthy living.  Being aligned for full body optimal functioning , eating well, thinking positively, having a great support around you, and exercising– all these factors play a vital role in us being that object that stays in motion.  Help yourself to stay in motion today!!

–Dr. Jeff Gratton, D.C.